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Limited-Time Offer

From now until 1 October 2023, earn a 20% commission on each referral that results in a new portrait commission for the Gentleman Artist. See below for details.

Churchill 36X36.jpg

Only ten portrait commissions are accepted per year. Only four remain for 2023. Act NOW.

This is a rare opportunity. We have never made this offer before, and may never do so again. Seize this moment to become a part of art history, and to be compensated now for doing so. Earn a 20% commission for every referral that results in a new portrait commission from now until 1 October 2023. Portrait commissions received in excess of four will be added to a waiting list beginning 1 January 2024.

Carpe diem

Portraits by the Gentleman Artist deliver three priceless things

Ulysses S Grant 30X24.jpg

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