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Give me my robe, put on my crown; I have immortal longings in me.


William Shakespeare

Picture if you will, dear reader, the most beautiful home you can imagine. See the delicate shafts of sunlight spill through the majestic windows. Imagine hanging on each wall beautiful portrait paintings of your beloved ancestors; their noble expressions preserved forever, gazing down upon you with pride and approval. 

Now imagine your great grandchildren wandering the halls, regaling each other with stories of their forebears as they admire each portrait. As they look upon your portrait, will they rehearse the tales of the one who built the empire which they enjoy, and the adventures you had in doing so?

This is what it means to establish a legacy. This is what it means to be immortal.


A Time Machine with a Window to the Soul

Through the skilled strokes of a painter's brush, a portrait can convey the very soul of its subject. It can encapsulate their triumphs and struggles, their virtues and vices, and all that makes them unique. A portrait is more than just a likeness. It is a window into the individual's character, and a representation of their legacy. Indeed, it can be the very vehicle which carries that legacy into the future for centuries to come.

Whether you wish to commemorate a special achievement of your own, or immortalise those of your beloved spouse or parent; to honour a valued colleague or partner; or to obtain immeasurable goodwill by honouring an important client with an extraordinarily unique gift - a painted portrait will do all of these things and more.

Churchill 36X36.jpg

When I was acknowledged by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I thought that I had "arrived". When my brand Maurice Sedwell was named in Mike Skinner's title track 'The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living', I thought that I had "arrived". But it was only when Cameron John Robbins perfected my portrait, I realised that I was still "on my way".

Andrew Ramroop OBE CMTT

Battle ships at mimic warfare_edited.jpg

The painting Cameron John Robbins did of me as an Admiral in full dress uniform, while I was serving as the 16th Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, standing by the sea, is, in a word, perfect. It captured my deep feeling for the world's oceans, the uncertainty and storms of the global security challenges with which I wrestled, but also the thoughtful, measured approach I have always tried to embody.

Today, it hangs prominently in my home and when visitors see it, they always remark on the color and clarity of the brushstrokes, the real artistic feeling that went into it, and -- above all -- the way in which it captures my relationship with a restless, eternal sea.

James Stavridis PHD

Admiral, US Navy (Retired)



Modern portraits have lost much of the drama seen in those of the old masters. Their work conveyed so much power, authority and majesty, that even the children they painted seemed indomitable. The Gentleman Artist carries on that tradition into the 21st century. He is ready to depict you as equal with the kings and queens of old.

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Cameron is one of the most talented artists I have ever seen. His portraits are incredible, and display a nobility and timeless excellence that does justice to the gravitas of his subjects and makes you wish you also had one hanging in your company lobby. I can't recommend enough the kudos of commissioning Cameron to paint your CEO, leader or parent. This will be a visual legacy that will live on for generations and your picture be worth its weight in gold as Cameron's reputation grows and the initial investment pays dividends. He's also an awesome coach and mentor with a ton of incredible ideas for growing your impact in the business world.

Dave Crane

Cameron's talent and dedication is readily seen in his commitment to his clients and his work. He embodies the concept of quality over quantity.


G. Samuel Hoffman

Distinguished. Devoted. Debonair. Cameron’s unparalleled commitment, dedication to his craft, and the bespoke experience he creates for his clients are second to none. His expertise and commitment to excellence is evident in everything he does. Like Midas, everything he touches transforms into artistic gold. He is the creator of truly spectacular works of art, whether oil on canvas or cast in bronze. It is not only his skills and experience that set Cameron apart. It is his integrity. To know Cameron is an honor and a privilege, and to work with him is an experience unlike any other.

Cameron is the embodiment of a gentleman in a time when qualities such as these are rare.

Kadee Page


I first was introduced to Cameron via a mutual friend's LinkedIn page. Cameron was commissioned to paint a portrait for the friend and began to slowly unveil the portrait online in both word and sight, often intricately detailing the processes he utilized to achieve a particular effect on that section of the portrait he chose to reveal that day. I found it fascinating, as it felt like a Masterclass in Art. I expressed my admiration to Cameron, and he responded with a request to interview me for an article he wanted to write. The subsequent conversation felt nothing like an interview, but more like a catch-up between old friends at best, and colleagues at worst. We spoke effortlessly and connected on numerous topics. We gradually came back around to the topic of his art, and agreed to work together to get his talent known on the African continent. I am eagerly looking forward to experiencing and sharing his expertise first hand.

Stephen A. Newton

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