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Revolutionising the Art World:

The Neo-Renaissance Art Movement and the Great Artistic Duel


[North East, Maryland] – [15 July 2023] – Have you ever looked at a display of contemporary art and asked, What? Words like vapid, soulless, nonsense, and rubbish spring to mind. In fact, clean words often fail to sufficiently express the disgust one feels at what we are asked to accept as Art these days. Especially when the contemporary art industry takes such pains to dismiss and denigrate the work of artists who are still working in the style of the old masters. And make no mistake, there are still many artists whose work is every bit as masterful as that of the greats from centuries past. 


But that kind of work isn’t en vogue or avant garde enough anymore; or so they say. It is no longer praised or legitimised by the contemporary art industry. Such work is brushed aside as being old-fashioned, out of date, and worse. No, it is now the age of monumental sculptures made from paper cups and monkey poo, brazenly claiming to express something profound, and demanding our obeisance. But the truth is the emperor has no clothes, nor has he had for many years, everyone knows it, and it’s high time he was called out for his obscene displays of nothingness.


That is precisely why Cameron John Robbins - The Gentleman Artist has founded the Neo-Renaissance Art Movement. Masterful artwork that required the painstaking development of actual talent is just as relevant today as it ever was. Moreover, it is the kind of work which still moves the majority of people with profound emotions, and it does so without the need for any explanation as to how or why. No pseudo-intellectual creative writing is required to explain why a pile of rotting garbage on a museum floor is somehow a deeply meaningful and relevant commentary on the human condition. Even if it were, does it represent an aspect of the human condition that we really want to elevate and strive for?


So, to celebrate the publication of the Neo-Renaissance Manifesto, a festive tournament is called for; one like the romanticised contests of ancient knights. In that same spirit, this is a call for artists to submit their names for entry into the lists. Participation in this contest shall be limited to twelve artists selected from the applicants. The following are the rules for participation:


  1. Each artist shall produce one new work for this contest. The size, subject matter, style and medium of the work shall be at the artist’s discretion. However, it should be in keeping with the tenets of the Neo-Renaissance Art Movement. For reference, see the Neo-Renaissance Manifesto by clicking the button below. Starting from a yet-to-be-determined date, each artist shall have one year to complete their work and present it for auction.

  2. All twelve works shall be auctioned at a yet-to-be-determined date. The winner of the contest shall be the artist whose work realises the highest selling price.

  3. Each artist shall choose a charity which they would like to champion in this contest. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of each work will be donated to the charity nominated by the artist who produced that work, with an additional 10% from the sale of all other works going to the charity of the winning artist’s choice.

  4. Each artist is invited and encouraged to document the process of creating their work for this contest, and to share it by all appropriate means. Each artist is also free to seek sponsorships to assist in covering the costs of their participation in this contest.


Make no mistake, this is a declaration of war against the tyranny and insipidness of the contemporary art industry, and an unequivocal affirmation of the superiority of beauty, competence and mastery, and the striving for lofty ideals in all human endeavours.

To read the Neo-Renaissance Art Movement Manifesto, click the button below.


For more information, interviews, or inquiries, please contact:

Cameron John Robbins – - +14436537333 –

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