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Manifesto: The Neo-Renaissance Movement

We, the artists and advocates of the Neo-Renaissance, rise to revive the lost standards of technical mastery and embrace the timeless themes of ancient mythology and religion. In our pursuit, we rekindle the flame that guided humanity for millennia, inspiring generations with its profound wisdom.

Our movement celebrates the heroic achievements of flawed individuals, recognising that even amidst imperfections, there lies a spark of greatness. Through our art, we aim to identify behaviors worth emulating and achievements worth striving for, honouring the triumphs that transcend the complexities and failings of human existence.

Neo-Renaissance art, also known as Heroic Revivalism, welcomes all sincere explorations in the arts. We hold in high regard the development of talent and the pursuit of technical mastery. We reject the intellectual dishonesty, vapid pandering, creative apathy, and the dismissal of true artistic integrity which permeates much of modern and contemporary art.

In our quest for artistic truth, we defy the arbiters of taste and quality who seek to stifle creativity, and impose their limited perspectives. We assert our right to explore our own aesthetic attractions free from the interference of the corporate art establishment, which in many ways has become the very thing that modern art was rebelling against. The Neo-Renaissance Art Movement rejects their authority and hubris in determining what is and is not art.

We declare that the development of art should not be constrained by external judgments or the confines of conventional norms. We advocate for a return to the principles of excellence, technical proficiency, and profound storytelling that characterised the works of the old masters.

Through our art, we invite you to embark on a journey to rediscovery, where the brushstrokes breathe life into ancient tales, and the artist's hand becomes a vessel for timeless wisdom. Join us in celebrating the Neo-Renaissance, a movement that honours tradition while forging a new path towards artistic brilliance and creative freedom.

Together, let us revive the spirit of the Renaissance, breathing renewed life into forgotten narratives and rekindling the flames of artistic mastery. The Neo-Renaissance Art Movement beckons you to embrace the past, shape the present, and inspire a future illuminated by the transformative power of art.

Long live the Neo-Renaissance!

Cameron John Robbins - The Gentleman Artist

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